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I’ve written for a variety of magazines, newspapers, and online journals. While my journalism runs the gamut, I specialize in the arts (especially theatre and dance), spa and resort, health and wellness (especially holistic practices), and sexuality and relationships.

Did I mention I’m also a playwright, poet, and published author of both fiction and nonfiction? My work has been described as stylish, edgy, erudite, and genre-defying, among other things. I’m currently working on a novel about time-traveling temple priestesses. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

Here are some links to my work:

Selected Articles

Selected Books

Creative Collaborations

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My desire is to create a community and network of weavers, artists, dreamers, and makers—outside of the corporatized world of social media, personal branding, and incessant marketing. If you would like to receive resources on writing, editing, book coaching, and personal mythmaking, subscribe to my newsletter.
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